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Ants are a common pest nuisance for homes and business owners alike. Their mobile nature and fondness for food make them true scavengers of

the earth.  


They find and swarm uncovered food and sweets quickly and are able to unite their colony to carry

it back to their nest. Any home or business is vulnerable because ants can sneak in through even the tiniest cracks and leave a chemical trail so the colony can follow. Ant infestations are 

often hard to track and get rid of and can require professional help to eliminate. To top it off, each colony can hold up to half a million ants!


Though ants do not carry diseases, some species are known to be aggressive and inflict

painful bites, like the Fire Ants. These biting ants can be a nuisance both in and outside of

the home. Carpenter Ants, on the other hand, do not bite or sting and are infamous for

planting nests inside the home. They tunnel through wood to build their nests and are often mistaken as termites. Another species that is commonly found in Singapore is the Crazy Ants. These black and long-legged insects feed on a wide variety of food but prefer sweet, sugar-based food. When disturbed they crawl frantically and erratically in all directions.

Hygiene in and around homes and businesses is of utmost importance. Some good housekeeping practices are as follows:-

  • Food should be sealed or stored in airtight containers

  • Clean up any food/ liquid spillage immediately

  • Any pet food should not be left lying around

  • Seal access points such as cracks and crevices in doors and window frames 

Good housekeeping and hygiene practice are essential to control ant infestation.





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Over-the-counter insecticides usually provide only temporary relieve without treating the root of the problem. Unfortunately, most people spray only the trails and the remaining ants adapt and make new pathways.

Pragas Hunters will carefully inspect the area and trace the ant trail to identify the source of the infestation. Our ant control solutions are designed for both commercial and domestic customers, no matter what the extent of the infestation is. Our trained Hunters will identify and advice the best treatment method(s) to eradicate the ant colony for you. Such methods include using specialised bait that the worker ants bring to the Queen, which then poison the Queen and thus eliminating the colony. Contact us to find out more about how we can get rid of this nuisance pest for you!

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